AgriRobot SAVSAR


Name Description
Empowering the School IT infrastructures for the implementation of Sustainable Instructional Patterns – eSIT4SIP
The project will promote practices that will help schools reach an e-mature level. eSIT4SIP will be focusing on the wise use of ICT in schools and to ensure that teachers and students are able to: (i) exploit the benefits of the investments made in ICT infrastructure ii) gather and document successful ideas on how to apply


Name Description
Open Discovery Space: A socially-powered and multilingual open learning infrastructure to boost the adoption of eLearning resources – ODS
ODS addresses various challenges that face the eLearning environment in the European context. The interface has been designed with students; teachers; parents and policy makers in mind. ODS will fulfill three principal objectives: (i) it will empower stakeholders through a single; integrated access point for eLearning resources from dispersed educational repositories (ii) it
Semi-Autonomous Vineyard Spraying Agricultural Robot – SAVSAR
This project aims to contribute to the penetration of agricultural robots into commercial markets by further developing a teleoperated robot; which was implemented in a previous project (AgriRobot). The main idea of this project is to combine the two existing directions (fully automated and teleoperated robot) in order to design; develop; test and evaluate a Semi-Autonomous Vineyard Spraying Agricultural Robot (SAVSAR).
OpenSOA: context-aware system for mobile learning
The research project aims to the utilization of (i) the specifications of Learning Design (LD) for mobile learning area and (ii) context awareness in addition to spatiotemporal level which based on Intelligent Adaption. The scientific goal of the research was the design of a mobile learning environment that exploited new technological advancements without requiring to begin with
The supportive role of robotic technology for sustainable agriculture – AgriRobot
The particular project exploited the interaction between human and robots and suggested methods in order the contribution of robots to agriculture to become more efficient and effective.
REVIT: Revitalizing Small Remote Schools for Lifelong Distance e-Learning
The key goal of this project was to show in actual practice and by a scalable example that was possible and economically feasible to substantially supplement the meager and irrelevant educational opportunities normally available to residents of remote and insular regions in the EU.
Stimulation of eLearning for Life Long Learning for adults – steLLLa 2.0
The objectives of this learning partnership can be described as follows: (i) improve the learning process of adults by introducing web based and mobile learning methods in their learning path (ii) encourage adult learners to determine their own learning process by using flexible learning paths (iii) stimulate adults ( both trainers and learners) to use new technologies for appropriate and
Changing Attitudes of Adults (parents) on Internet-Related Risks for Young Adolescents -InetRisks
The project addressed Internet safety issues with the aim to achieve an in-depth understanding regarding safety breaches and protective measures and actions; primarily within the family environment. For this purpose; a limited section of the Online Virtual Environment; Second Life; was customized to host study teams who were playing on the Internet and were “exposed” to
Flight Simulator for Internet Safety – SimSafety
The project addressed Internet safety issues with the aim to achieve an in-depth understanding regarding safety breaches and protective measures and actions; primarily within the school and family environment. For this purpose; an Online Virtual Game Environment was developed; supporting i) role-playing game scenarios; offered in real-time to ii) dynamic groups of online