In progress

Full name Start year Thesis title
Eleni Papantoniou 2009 An alternate language instruction program for vocational education. Introducing a problem-based professional writing course mediated by an electronic learning environment
Chrystalla Neofytou 2009 ByText (DiaKeimenou): A measurement tool of texts suitability considering the learning goals of linguistic teaching
Alexandros Kofteros 2011 DIAPLASIS: Development of an online teacher – family collaboration platform and intervention with parents of at-risk students
Miltos Miltiadous 2015 Geospatial thinking-reasoning and mobile/ubiquitous learning tools


Full name Defense year Thesis title
Anna Mavroudi 2015 Teachers as designers of Adaptive Learning
George Adamides 2016 User interfaces for Human-Robot Interaction: application on a semi-autonomous agricultural robot sprayer